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Please, we must insist that if you are showing ANY signs of illness (e.g. sniffles, cough, fever, fatigue, soreness, etc.) please stay home. We hate to have to say that, but we take the health of our community very seriously, and want to avoid any outbreaks. 

We are thankful that through the hard work of our staff, and the diligence of our members, we can be open. We are confident that Powdermill meets or exceeds sanitization requirements provided by our state and local boards of health. And in order to continue doing what we love, we need everyone that enters the gym to follow our guidelines.  

While masks are not mandatory for vaccinated members, we do highly encourage all members to wear masks at this time. We are also making special considerations and accommodations to allow for social distancing during any workout. If you have any special needs or concerns, please let a coach know. 

  • We suggest that you bring a yoga mat or other ground cover to minimize body and hand contact with the floor.

  • We ask that you RSVP in Triib to attend because spots are limited, and we need records for contact tracing, if needed.

  • Please wipe any (non-electric) equipment before and after use with the disinfectant wipes provided throughout the gym. Please don't wipe down bike or rower monitors. They are baby computers, and baby computers don't like water. 


It's good practice to keep a mask in your gym bag. While it's not a requirement, you just never know what could come up. So plan ahead. We suggest you bring the following with you to every class:

  • Mask (just in case)

  • Yoga Mat or ground cover

  • Towel

  • Water Bottle – filling stations is available


In order to manage the coming and going of members, there is a minimum of 15 minutes between classes. Please find our latest schedule here


We ask that you please register in Triib and RSVP to attend classes. Please make every effort to do so, and if you DO have any problems, let us know. We can help with the software. You may reserve your spot up to 48 hours before class. For the best RSVP experience, we recommend you download the Triib app on your mobile phone.

Download the Triib app for iPhone (iOS)

Download the Triib app for Android

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