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  • If I have a bunch of carbs left at the end of the day, do I still have to eat to get to that?"
    Yes, you should. The point of your Macros is to have you evenly fueled for the next day – the right combination of MacroNutrients. Counting Macros will help you learn for future days how to space food and understand just how much you need to consume to get there! It can actually be liberating.
  • MyFitness Pal sometimes looks off with its food, what should I do?"
    Yes, many people contribute to it, so it can be off. Scroll through the options and look to see that (a) Macro Nutrients are available (b) they look reasonable against the others in the list and seem the same to you--- and Pick One! Yes, it might be off, but if you keep picking it for other times, you’re being consistent and this challenge is all about consistency.
  • What are the Daily Points?
    We are CHANGING them, people are getting too stressed and worried. This is meant to make you more aware and start to notice things in your Macros and how a few things can really throw you off. We changed the points to hopefully help you worry a bit less for those doing detailed Macros. 2 Types of points are: 1) Food Accuracy 2) Hydration Food Accuracy Daily Quality Eating: Macro Counting: 4 Points - Within 5 g on each macro 3 Points - Within 10g on each macros 2 Points - Within 10g on two macros 1 Points - Within 10g on one macro 0 Points - Missed Macros by >10 on more than 1 800g Veggies: 4 Points - 800+ grams (or 6 Cups) 3 Points - 700-800g (or 5 Cups) 2 Points - 600-700g (or 4 cups) 1 Points - 500-600g (or 3 cups) 0 Points - Not close on veggies
  • Will attendance points be automatically added?
    Yes, they are added by the system. This is for in-class/in-gym work. We’re hoping to get you into the gym with the community as much as possible.
  • Are there points for the Baseline Workouts.
    If there are, don’t pay attention to them. We’ll be weighing and measuring your progress between the start and the end of the challenge with these – in our own way.
  • Can I go back and enter Points?
    Yes, you can only do it online within TRIIB though, not via the App. You can go back 4 days. Log in Here: If you need it, Tara can also update
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